About Us

At Vianda, we have stayed committed to our focus on what matters most – developing and marketing the highest quality products that not only deliver results, but improve lives, in a natural manner.

While our foundation began with human supplements, we are excited to announce that we are expanding our knowledge and expertise into the pet supplement space. While we work to keep your family healthy, we acknowledge that your pets are also a very important part of your family. We feel that we should strive to keep your fur babies happy and healthy for as many years as we possibly can. Therefore, we have decided to launch our newest division – ViaPaws.

Obviously, our existing love for providing quality products to our customers, made it an easy transition for us into the pet supplement realm. Vianda has already become one of the top selling brands in the natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement industry.  While many pets experience similar health issues as us humans do – joint pain, allergies, digestive issues, heart health, immune support and brain health, it was an easy transition. As we love our pets and care for them, sometimes better than we care for ourselves, we are excited to develop pet products that stand up to the same quality standards. We will ensure that our formulations provide the highest level of safety, quality, identity, purity, and potency.  

As we expand our offerings with ViaPaws, we are determined to continue to outpace the competition in the world of natural health.  We love our pets just as much as you do! We want to spend as many years with our fur babies as possible. What better way than to ensure we are doing what we can to allow them to live their healthiest lives than to offer them food and supplements to support a healthy life?

To our newest achievements -- we hope that your pets will love our ViaPaws 11 in 1 Soft Hearts as much as our pets do.♥