Our Roots

Our business owner’s love for animals began at a very young age. She grew up with horses, cats, and dogs in her life. In the most recent decade, it was the French Bulldog that stole her heart. Our little French Bulldog office mascot, Ava, is stealing hearts each and every day.

As life with pets will do, she experienced many health issues throughout the years with her own pets. Always looking for a natural way to help them live  healthier, longer, and more comfortable lives was always of utmost importance. While she evaluated products on the market, she was very disheartened to find that many of them are full of artificial ingredients and sub-par levels of active ingredients. So, she set out to use our knowledge of the industry and formulate something that made sense for our own pets.

This explains our recent business expansion with ViaPaws - It has become our mission to provide an all-encompassing supplement that will support your pet’s health in many ways. While many pets experience similar health issues as us humans do – joint pain, allergies, digestive issues, heart health, immune support and brain health, it was an easy transition for our team. We promise to always go the extra mile to ensure top quality, efficacy, and consistency in all of our products formulated for your furry best friends.

We will always be upfront about the ingredients in our products. You can trust that there are no steroids, no added sugars or salt, and no ingredients that are derived from wheat, corn, gumming agents, or artificial coloring in our pet products.

Give a little bit of your heart every day to encourage healthy living in every way. ♥